• Arizona Education Tax Credit
     Contribute to student programs and activities at Phoenix Union High School District, and you’ll be paid back with a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. And you’ll help guarantee that our students experience all that high school has to offer.
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    Extracurricular Activities
    High school is more than a classroom education. Students learn, grow and experience success and enhance self-esteem through a myriad of extracurricular activities – athletics, the arts, service clubs or competitive academic clubs, career-related organizations or student-interest clubs and activities. Active students have better grades, stay in school and develop leadership skills, or uncover talents they never knew they had.
    However, many activities are not fully funded by school districts. These programs depend on fees from students, booster clubs and fund raising to pay for student activity fees, costumes, equipment, insurance, competition fees, camps and travel.
    Arizona Education Tax Credit
    The Arizona Education Tax Credit allows single taxpayers or a head of household a credit of up to $200, and married couples filing jointly, up to $400, if they contribute to eligible extracurricular activities to our schools by April 15 of each year. You'll receive a dollar-for dollar tax credit on your state income taxes, which means taxpayers will have the amount of the contribution subtracted from the amount of taxes owed. This tax credit is available to all taxpayers, not just those with children in public schools.
    This program has benefited thousands of our Phoenix Union students over the years that might not otherwise have had the financial resources to participate in high school activities.
    It’s a win-win. You contribute to public schools and make a real difference in the lives of young people, and the state gives you full credit for your generosity. Guaranteed.
    How to Make a Donation
    1. Select a school and program you would like to assist - You may divide your donation among multiple schools or programs. If you don’t designate a program, your contribution will be applied to the school’s general fund for extracurricular programs. (See a list of programs below.)
    2. Submit your contribution by mail, deliver to the school bookstore (using the form on the brochure below) or CLICK HERE TO DONATE ONLINE. Donations must be postmarked by April 15.
    Donate Online Here
    Click for more information about eligible programs and to download the tax credit brochure.