Notification of Highly Qualified

UPDATE: February 25, 2019

 The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 states that any school that receives funds for educationally disadvantaged students (Title I funds like Desiderata) must inform parents if their child is assigned a teacher for four or more consecutive weeks who is not "highly qualified" under NCLB.

According to the No Child Left Behind law, a "highly qualified" teacher is one who:

1.      Has obtained a Bachelor's degree or higher;

2.      Has obtained full State certification; and

3.      Has demonstrated competency in the core academic subject area(s) that he/she teaches by passing a content area test or enough hours to be equivalent to a major (24 semester hours). The core academic subjects are English; Reading or Language Arts; Mathematics; Science; Foreign Languages; Social Studies (Civics, Government, Economics, History, Geography) The Arts (visual arts, Drama, Music).

All teachers at Desiderata Alternative Program have obtained a Bachelor's degree or higher and are fully certified through the State of Arizona. Please read attached notifications below.  


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