January 22 Warmup Quiz

Posted by Ryan Adney on 1/22/2018

Today's WARMUP QUIZ is to convert the linked file to BLACK AND WHITE and then SHARPEN it using the HIGH PASS FILTER. Do this before you get started on your other assigments. When you are done, drag your file (saved with your name and period) into the appropriate folder in the backpack.

Your BLACK AND WHITE conversion should look interesting. Pay attenetion to the sliders and find a combination that shows off the texture of the owl's feathers. SHARPEN after you convert to BLACK AND WHITE.

Here is the file.

Click on this link.

In case you forgot about HIGH PASS FILTERS:

Every photo that comes out of a digital camera needs a little extra work to make it shine. The first thing that you might notice is that the photo isn't as sharp and crisp as you had seen in your headcamera. Well, this project is all about making pictures sharper.

Look at this web site that has some very good instructions for SHARPENING photos.