Tonight's Timeline/Expectations

Tonight’s Timeline (8/23/19):

3:00-4:30pm – Dinner on own

4:30pm – Meet in band room. Get music, instruments, water, and sunscreen ready to take to warm up field.

5:00pm – Sunrise Mountain Band arrives. Greet members and help unload. Guide to JV baseball field for warm ups.

5:25pm – Stretch

5:30pm – Visual warmup/introduction to marching with Sunrise Mountain (only those who have athletic clearance may participate. Others will observe from sideline)

5:45pm – Music Warm up

6:05pm – Mini/halftime rehearsal

6:35pm – Head to stands

?:?? – Halftime Show

?:?? – Mingle with SMHS Band

?:?? – Back to stands

3rd quarter – Bathroom break by section

~10:00pm – Head back to band room, Pack up and clean up

Cleaning Assignments:


-Stack chairs and stands. Pick up trash around band room


-Clean up/organize locker room. Pick up trash from locker room, bathrooms, hallways. When complete, assist percussion.


-Put all percussion away (Neatly) in percussion rooms. Organize both rooms.

~10:15pm – Dismissal (Every member is required to stay until formal dismissal).


Please eat between 3:00pm-4:30pm. We will not be allowed to eat/drink in uniform (this includes pep band uniforms). Exception: Water.

Speaking of water. Please drink lots of it. Bring a bottle with you (I will have a limited supply available).

Bathroom breaks may only happen in groups of 2. You and your buddy must check out with me before using the bathroom. Please try to limit bathroom breaks during the game. We will have a chance to go in sections during the 3rd quarter.

Visiting concessions during the game will not be allowed. Again, please eat before call time this afternoon.

Once a stand tune is called, please remain standing and ready to play. While there may occasionally be a lull between the time a song is called and the count-off begins, the count-off will begin with short notice. We need to be ready.

Be flexible. I will call stand tunes, but we might have to change at a moment’s notice. Roll with the changes.

Have fun tonight! Support the team and our school. Cheer loud and proud for our Central Bobcats!