What is the AIMS test and who has to take it?

AIMS stands for Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards. It is a state-mandated test, adopted by the State Board of Education, the measure student proficiency on reading, writing and mathematics standards at grades 3, 5, 8 and high school.
All students are required to take the AIMS test. Students are required to pass the exam in order to graduate. Beginning with their tenth grade year, students have multiple opportunities to pass the test prior to their twelfth grade year. Once a student passes a portion of the AIMS, he/she does not have to repeat that section of the test in order to graduate. However, a students who has met proficiency on any portion of the AIMS may take the test again in an attempt to exceed the standards. The highest score will be maintained, thus there is no penalty if the retake score is lower than the original score.
All Basic and Practical students will be required to take a grade-level AIMS. Students with disabilities enrolled in basic and practical strand classes will be allowed to have standard and nonstandard accommodations during testing as determined by the IEP team. AIMS-A is available for Cognitive Behavior Training (CBT) students with significant cognitive disabilities whose IEP team has determined that the student is eligible for an alternative assessment.
AIMS results are used to determine if an individual student has met graduation requirements. These results are also used to determine whether a school has met federal No Child Left Behind requirements of adequate yearly progress and to determine a school’s label under the Arizona LEARNS statute.