English Language Arts (ELA) EQuIP Rubric

Enclosed is the ELA EQuIP Rubric.   EQuIP (EducatorsEvaluating the Quality of Instructional Products)is aninitiative of the American Diploma Project (ADP) Network designed to identifyhigh-quality materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).



The EQuIP rubrics are designed to evaluate:

  • Lessons that include instructional activities and assessments aligned to the CCSS that may extend over a few class periods or days
  • Units that include integrated and focused lessons aligned to the CCSS that extend over a longer period of time
  • The rubric is NOT designed to evaluate a single task or activity
  • The rubrics do not require a specific template for lesson or unit design

For additional information was www.achieve.org

EQuIP-ELArubric-06-24-13-FINAL.pdf, 552.79 KB; (Last Modified on October 15, 2013)