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Letter for Parents from Principal Karen Cardenas

April 30, 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Last week I informed you about a series of incidents that have occurred in the Alhambra community. We received that information from our partners at the Alhambra Elementary District. We now have another incident that occurred late Friday, involving our high school students. We believe it is important to inform parents about any event that might impact our campus and students.

In the last few weeks, Alhambra Elementary District reported four separate incidents of possible or attempted child abductions in the Westwood Neighborhood, (roughly I-17 to 19th Ave, Indian School to Camelback.) Friday, four female students were leaving campus when a man exposed himself to them at 35th Avenue and Camelback. But unlike the other incidents, our students provided us with a description. The individual described as a male Hispanic, with a beard, in his 30’s to 40’s, driving a maroon/reddish Nissan Altima with faded paint. The students came back to school to report the incident and police are investigating. Again, here are some tips as you navigate the streets of our community.

 Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity immediately. If you are near campus, report to our administration, security or School Resource Officer. If you are near home, contact the police at Crimestop, (602) 262-6151 or 911.
 Never walk alone. When walking to or from school, always walk in pairs or with a group. If you don't have anyone to walk with, stay close to groups of students.

 Take well-traveled, open routes to school. Avoid alleys or secluded areas such as dense vegetation or dimly-lit areas.

 Do not respond to calls or comments from strangers. If anyone is bothering you, or you feel uncomfortable in a situation, report it immediately. If the person is in a car, try to memorize a license plate number and always try to get a description of the vehicle and person.

 If you are being bothered and have a cell phone, dial 911, and be ready to call out for help if necessary.

 Tell parents or caregivers when they can expect you, when you are out with friends, or coming home from school or work.

Our number one priority at Alhambra is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff. That includes the safe arrival and departure of our students. If you have any questions or comments, or information about this situation, please contact me at 602-764-6002.


Karen Cardenas Principal, Alhambra High School