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Quite a 'field trip' for Alhambra's JROTC

It doesn’t sound so fun—an educational staff ride.   That is JROTC language.  But for 24 Alhambra JROTC cadets, it was a trip to Hawaii, February 17-24.   The Staff Ride provides students with an opportunity to learn much more than the history of a battle taught in the JROTC Military History Unit.  It provided cadets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit great military historic sites and equipment found only in Hawaii.  Cadets came to understand what the attack on Pearl Harbor meant to the United States.  They learned how World War II naval combat in the Pacific was waged, and how the war finally ended with the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri.  Cadets were able to personally experience the topics discussed in the classroom.  In addition, Cadets will also experienced Polynesian culture, Hawaiian environment and agriculture.  Highlights of the trip included visiting Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, a Luau, Waikiki beach and the Dole Pineapple plantation.