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Students Learn About Cyber Security

ABL Cyber instructors demonstrated actual wireless (Wi-Fi) attacks for the students and then provided multiple hands-on training in how to defend and securely use public wireless internet. Cyber industry tools and strategies for assessment of websites and programs for detecting vulnerabilities were taught and students performed hours of hands-on activities used by professionals to help secure businesses and individuals. The students received certificates of completion for the 30-hour course.

Stephen Andrews, the Networking and Security instructor at Phoenix Coding Academy said “One just needs to look at the daily news to see the tremendous need for graduates with skills in Network Security and anti-hacking skills today. With the projection of almost 2,000,000 job openings going unfilled globally through 2020 including over 20,000 jobs here in Arizona unfilled, there is an extraordinary market demand for young people with these skills.”

Arizona is well positioned to be a leader in cybersecurity, with nationally ranked cybersecurity programs and cyber warfare ranges,” Todd Sanders, President and CEO of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce said. “There are currently 50 percent more job openings than employees to fill these critical roles. The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation sponsored Cyber-Dive Week because it is imperative that our students are exposed to these high-paying career opportunities and gain valuable hands-on experience. Students who participated in Cyber-Dive Week will have an advantage with employers as they seek internships and job opportunities in the future.”

Susan Morris from ABL said ABL was honored to be able to provide this type of experience to PCA students.   “The students were so enthusiastic, eager to learn, and fully engaged.  I believe one of your (Coding Academy) students expressed it best: ‘Thank you for all you have done to open our minds to the wonderful world of cyber security.’”