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Introducing our 2019 Phoenix Union Governing Board.

Introducing our 2019 Phoenix Union Governing Board. Five elected or re-elected board members were sworn in by new Secretary of State Katie Hobbs:  Steve Gallardo, Stephanie Parra, Laura Pastor, Stanford Prescott and Naketa Ross. Ross, representing Ward 1 in southwest Phoenix and Laveen is new to the board, while Gallardo, a Maricopa County Commissioner, returns to the PUHSD board after serving an at-large term in 2005-2008. He  will represent west Phoenix in Ward 5, taking over forLinda Abril, who retired after 24 years. Parra, beginning her second term in Ward 3, was elected Governing Board President, and Lela Alston, an at-large member and a state senator, was affirmed as Clerk. Incumbents Prescott represents Ward 2 in south Phoenix and Pastor, a city council woman, begins her third term, representing central Phoenix in Ward 4.

The new and re-elected board members’ terms run through 2022, while at-large members Ian Danley and Alston’s terms end in 2020.