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National Board Certified Teachers 2019

Nine Phoenix Union teachers earned National Board Certification this year, the second-most in Arizona and one short of the most ever in one year for PUHSD. One other District employee renewed certification. Considered the teaching profession’s highest honor, National Board Certification is presented by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to teachers who demonstrate, through a performance assessment, that they meet the high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do. Only two percent of K-12 teachers in the U.S. are Nationally Board Certified.


There are now 67 NBCTs currently employed with the District. Only K-12 district Maricopa, with 11 NBCTs, had more than Phoenix Union this year. There were 86 new National Board Certified teachers in Arizona in 2018. Phoenix Union is 5th in the state for the number of current teachers board certified. The other four are K-12 districts. The District also has 46 candidates working toward board certification, the most in the state.


2018 National Board Certified Teachers


Robert Baines, English

Anne Valerie Boisdin, World Languages

Nick Valente: English

Franklin Police and Fire

Deborah Hannum, Math

Ted Turley, English


Po-pé Enrique, Math


Richard Bailey, English

Phoenix Coding Academy

Shoshanna Kroeger, Science

The Academies at South Mountain

Jennifer Petrella, Exceptional Student Services.


Andrew Chapman, a science teacher at Metro Tech, had his certification renewed.


North now has the most current PUHSD NBCTs at 11, Trevor Browne, Maryvale and Alhambra have seven each. Camelback has six and Carl Hayden has five. Franklin has five, including four in the last two years, and Coding Academy has three, but the first one earned at the three-year old school was this year.


Phoenix Union compensates NBC teachers with a $3,000 annual stipend.

Current Phoenix Union High School District National Board Certified Teachers 1999-2018

As of Dec. 2018


Heidi Bonfante: English, Franklin, 1999 (earned at St. Mary’s, re-cert at Leona Group, 2009)

Jean Kilker; Librarian: Maryvale, 2003 (re-cert in 2012)

Eloisa “Bing” Horvath, ELL: Maryvale, 2005 (re-certified in 2014)

Anca Taus-Hummel: English, Maryvale, 2007 (Now at Trevor Browne)

Alaina Adams: English, Maryvale, 2008 (now at Alhambra) (re-cert in 2017)

Andrew Chapman: Science, Bioscience, 2008 (now at Metro Tech) (re-cert in 2018)

Lori Armatage: ELL: Metro Tech, 2009 (now at District office)

Kim Funk, English: Metro Tech, 2009 (now at Carl Hayden)

Dixie Maxwell: English, Maryvale, 2009

Brian Tindell: Social Studies, Central, 2009

Maylene Byers: Maryvale, Science, 2009 (earned at Agua Fria HSD for CTE)

Joanne Du: ELL: South Mountain, 2010

Stephanie (Dudley) Burke: English, Trevor Browne, 2010

Kristen Wherty: Special Education, Trevor Browne, 2010 (now ESS Facilitator at Camelback)

Jennifer Di Nello: Alhambra, Counseling (2011) (earned at Dysart USD)

Stephanie Grijalva: Art, Bioscience: 2012 (now at Coding Academy)

Mary Pinnecker: (McDowell): Social Studies, North, 2012

Julie Peters: Visual Arts, North, 2012

W. Andrew White: Spanish, Bioscience, 2012

Athena Kalia: English, North, 2012 (earned at Scottsdale USD)

Carrie Deahl: English, Maryvale, 2013

Joyce A. Donaldson: English, North, 2013

Niki Karandreas: English, Trevor Browne, 2013

Cynthia Maher: ELL, Alhambra, 2013 (now at South Mountain)

Kristin Roberts: English, 2013, Carl Hayden (earned at Washington Elementary Dist.)

Cristina Yoder: Art, Alhambra, 2013

Reno Edgington: Social Studies, North, 2013 (earned at Scottsdale USD)

Ricardo Borunda: Math, Alhambra, 2013 (earned at Fowler Elem.)

Roshani Dubel: Early Adolescence/Mathematics, CEE, 2013 (Earned at Higley USD)

Marion (Bronson) Edwards: Math, Trevor Browne, 2014

Jeff Chmielewski: ELL, Central, 2014 (now at Maryvale)

Katie Parod- Hansen: Social Studies, North, 2014 (now at CEE)

Teresa Harfmann: Special Education, Central, 2014

John Henry: CTE, Metro Tech, 2014

Julia Herman: Social Studies, North, 2014 (now TOA at North)

Amy Marlin: PE/Health, Alhambra, 2014

Erin Sandoval: English, Camelback, 2014 (earned at Deer Valley USD)

Kim Schuster: Fine Arts, Alhambra, Fine Arts, 2014

Gina Vullo: Exceptional Needs Specialist in Gifted, North, 2014 (now at Coding Academy)

Susan Wolf: English, North, 2014

Barry Bertolet: Art, Alhambra, 2015

Lisa Harder: Reading, Trevor Browne, 2015 (now at Camelback)

Ann Miller: Special Education, Alhambra/Metro Tech, 2015 (now at Trevor Browne)

Karina Rascon: English, Maryvale, 2015

Erin Strong: Science, Metro Tech, 2015

Ryan Ussery: Social Studies, Betty Fairfax, 2015

Amy Hollister: English, Carl Hayden, 2016

Lauren Hubert: Science, Camelback, 2016

Scott Black: Art, North, 2017

Steven Clendenen: World Languages, Franklin, 2017

Kendall Detlaff: English Language Arts, Trevor Browne, 2017

Miriam Goldie: English Language Arts, Trevor Browne, 2017

Shannon Harsh: Science, Wilson College Prep, 2017

Elena Lira: Art, Franklin, 2017

Joanne Martin: English Language Arts, North, 2017

Torunn Randich: English, Carl Hayden, 2017

Erica Scrivner: Music, Carl Hayden, 2017

Laura Motush: Bioscience, Art 20117 (earned at Kyrene District)


Richard Bailey: English, Camelback, 2018

Robert Baines: English, North, 2018

Anne Valerie Boisdin: World Languages, North, 2018

Po-pé Enrique: Math, Bioscience, 2018

Deborah Hannum, Math, Franklin Police & Fire, 2018

Shoshanna Kroeger: Science, Coding Academy, 2018

Jennifer Petrella: ESS, South Mountain, 2018

Ted Turley: Franklin Police & Fire, English, 2018

Nick Valente: English, North, 2018


67 Current NBCT