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Hiking Club Climbs the Grand Canyon

The North Hiking club went on his final hiking trip for the 2018-2019 school year this past weekend. Tim Celaya, Jenn Rosser, Peggy Steinhagen and I took 12 Mustangs to conquer the 12 miles of the Bright Angel trail to the Plateau Pointe in the Grand Canyon (with almost 3000 feet of elevation).

If you have Rurick Adame, Angel Bencomo, Ingrid Betancourt, Arnaldo and Joselyn Falcon Cruz, Emmanuel Jardon, Ricardo Lopez, Paola Morales, Joshway Sharp, Maya Tsuchimoto, Kevin Vi, and Abel Yanez in your classes, congratulate them for this amazing achievement. They have been training the whole year with the Hiking Club and they were in super shape. For all of them, it was either the first time going to the Grand Canyon or hiking a part of it. They took a ton of pictures, and here are some pics.

hiking 1  hiking 2  hiking 3