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Key Club Attends International Southwest District Convention

Eight North High students attended the 2019 Key Club International Southwest District Convention this past weekend along with over 400 other Key Clubbers representing 42 high schools across Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas (El Paso area). The District Convention is a celebration of member and club achievements and electing Southwest District officers for the 2019-2020 year.

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The Key Club of North High School was awarded trophies for its annual achievement (3rd place) and for the single service project entitled “Mustang Unity,” a series of lunchtime events to engage students (1st place). Members also submitted projects in the scrapbook, video, and poster competitive events.

Four students earned the Service Hour Award for completing 100- and 150- hours of volunteering during a 12-month period. Elizabeth Medrano (junior) completed 121 hours of service. Oscar Hernandez (sophomore) completed 157 hours, Anael Toscano (sophomore) completed 174 hours, and Isabel Joyce (senior) completed 166 hours. This is the second year that Isable Joyce has earned the Service Hour Award.  

Bridget Martinez (junior), Lieutenant Governor for the Lookout Mountain Division, was awarded the outstanding Lieutenant Governor award for her work during the past year leading 14 high schools in the central Phoenix area and working with the executive board of the Southwest District. Bridget’s leadership will continue with Ashley Barboza (sophomore), who was elected as Lieutenant Governor for the Lookout Mountain Division for 2019-2020.

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Monica Ortiz (President) and Yennifer Lopez (Vice President) accept the achievement award trophy from Key Club International Trustee


Ashley Barboza elected as Lieutenant Governor