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Ms. Rascon Receives Outstanding New Professional Award

The Arizona Art Education Association has selected North High School’s art teacher, Alejandra Rascon to receive the Outstanding New Professional Award. She will be honored at the awards dinner at the AAEA conference in November.

Rascon, an ASU graduate, began her teaching career in 2017-18 at North.  She student-taught with art teacher Penny Hansen prior to last year, and the department was thrilled that she joined their team.

“The quality of work her students produce are the fruits of her constantly challenging and encouraging her students to strive for more, to reach for their start, and to always grow,” Hansen said.   “She keeps digging; keeps searching for that one thing that excites them so she can help them make a connection to their learning. I have been an art educator for more than 20 years. I have worked with many student teachers and new teachers, but Ms. Rascon teaches circles around any of them and quite honestly, around me at times,”

 Last year during teacher appreciation week, Rascon had more thank you notes from students than any other staff member, recalls fellow art teacher Julie Peters.

Ms. Rascon