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Fine ARTS Seal Awards

Maryvale has a total of 17 students who will be eligible for the FINE ARTS SEAL, the most in the district!!

In order to receive the seal, these students competed these requirements:

  • 4 credits in Fine Arts with a grade of ‘A’ or ‘B’
  • 30 Fine Arts related Extra-Curricular Hours
  • Successful completion of a Capstone project that incorporates the artistic processes of Creating, Performing/Presenting, Responding, and Connecting.

These students will receive a seal that will be placed on their diplomas, as well as notation on their official transcript. They will also receive honor cords for graduation.

Congrats to these students and their instructors for supporting these students through the process!! 

Maryvale High School

  • Choir – Brianna Hidalgo
  • CTE Technical Theatre – Penelope Foy
  • Dance – Marveille Badesire
  • Dance – Anixia Garcia
  • Dance – Ximena Martinez
  • Dance – Cristina Medina
  • Dance – Donna Prado
  • Dance – Wendy Valenzuela
  • Drawing and Painting – Vanessa Arellano
  • Drawing and Painting – Valeria Castellanos
  • Drawing and Painting – Thamara Loaiza
  • Drawing and Painting – Susan Rose Lopez
  • Drawing and Painting – Moises Rivera Lopez
  • Piano – German Morales
  • Piano – Eliza Rodriguez
  • Piano – Gabriel Sanchez
  • Theatre – Monaliza Hernandez