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Brown, Heather Counselor
Coronado, Steven Counselor
Dickinson, Doreen Counselor
Hayden, Brian Counselor
Islas-Brown, Laura Counselor
Morris, Micheal Counselor
Villarreal, Anna Counselor

English Department

Arenas, Steve English Teacher
Contreras, Maria English Teacher
Hollister, Amy English Teacher
Jones, Lacie English Teacher
Lenz, Danielle English Teacher
McCartney, Tod English Teacher
Muhammad-Douglas, Linda English Teacher
Musser, Craig English Teacher
O'Dowd, Shaunna English Teacher
Randich, Torunn J. English Teacher
Roberts, Kristin English Teacher
Romero, Erlinda English Teacher
Smith, Julie English Teacher
Vasic, Kristina English Teacher

Math Department

Oster, Nolan Math Teacher
Armstrong, Tamarra Math Teacher
Diaz, Anayeli Math Teacher
Garcia Apodaca, Yadira Math Teacher
Larios, Miguel Math Teacher
Martinez, Ramon Math Teacher
Melara, Freddy Math Teacher
Newman, Gary Math Teacher
Pusec, Steve Math Teacher
Rodriguez, Carol Math Teacher
Tagaban, Marife F. Math Teacher
Tena, Jessica Math Teacher
Whitley, Kent  Math Teacher
Wiser, Paul Math Teacher
Hoover, Jessie Math Teacher

Science Department

Chevalier, Rocio Science ESO Teacher
Arenas, Matthew Science Teacher
Benya, Margo Science Teacher
Calderon, Abner Science Teacher
Coppola, Geoffrey Science Teacher
De Alejandro, Josie Science Teacher
Ellickson, Beth Science Teacher
Gomes, Immaculate Science Teacher
Johnson, Srnka Science Teacher
Konstantopoulos, Heidi Science Teacher
Neill, Denise Science Teacher
Scott, Andrew Science Teacher
Spiller, Jody Science Teacher

Social Studies Department

Robles, Gabriel Social Studies Teacher
Garcia, Scott Social Studies ESO Teacher
Fierros, Mark Social Studies Teacher
Johnson, Stephanie  Social Studies Teacher
Sikorsky, Jonathan  Social Studies Teacher
Turner, Jennifer Social Studies Teacher
Alvarez, Leonardo Social StudiesTeacher
Dolata, Anthony Social StudiesTeacher
Escudero, Stephen Social StudiesTeacher
Flores, Ruben Social StudiesTeacher
Ford, Susan C. Social StudiesTeacher

English Language Learner Department

Bowles Da Silva, Linda ELL Teacher lbowles@PhoenixUnion.Org
Fox, Cassandra ELL Teacher
Kunes, Debbie ELL Teacher
McCan, Kennedy ELL Teacher
Nelson, Shannon ELL Teacher
Padilla-Paz, Maria ELL Teacher
Palacios, Angela ELL Teacher
Robinson, Randall ELL Teacher
Rodriguez, Irma ELL Teacher
Tselykovskikh, Lioudmila ELL Teacher
Vilchs Lopez, Mitzi ELL Teacher
Whitson, Michael  ELL Teacher

World Language Department

Franceschi, Maria I. World LanguageTeacher
Monty, Julie World LanguageTeacher
Rouholamini, Nafisseh World LanguageTeacher
Sandoval, Andrew World LanguageTeacher
Xia, Ling World LanguageTeacher

Computer Science Department

Chaudhari, Archana Computer Science Teacher
Delgado, Michele Computer Science Teacher
Herrera, Miguel Computer Science Teacher
Jones, Jill Computer Science Teacher
Marmolejo, Michael Computer Science Teacher

Health and P.E. Department

Castro, Alberto PE/Health Teacher
Gross, Randy PE/Health Teacher
Resch, Erika PE/Health Teacher
Shield, James PE/Health Teacher
Villa, Francisco PE/Health Teacher
Zamora, Lauren PE/Health Teacher

Art Department

Copeland, Susan Fine Art Teacher
Sauer, Sabrina Fine Art Teacher
Ramirez, Monica Fine Art Teacher/ Digital Photo
Tanori, Jennipher Fine Arts Teacher/ Ceramics

Peforming Arts Department

Vezey, Mathew Performing Arts Teacher/ Band
Thiry, Ray Performing Arts Teacher/ Guitar
Galindo, Trish Performing Arts Teachr/ Theater
Scrivner, Erica Performing ArtsTeacher/ Band
Lerma, Miguel  Performing ArtsTeacher/ Dance
Dunklee, Megan Performing ArtsTeacher/ Theater

Other Speciality Electives and Departments

Ellison, Mark JROTC Teacher
Heldt, Christopher JROTC Teacher
Luque, Araceli FACS Teacher
Ornelas, Marilyn FACS Teacher
Rivera, Angela AVID Teacher
Cano, Joanne Reading Teacher
Robertson, Victoria Librarian