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Letter from Principal Regarding False Threat

April 19, 2019



Dear Parent/Guardian:


There has been student conversation about a threat to Carl Hayden High School.  We want to give you the facts.    We believe it is important to inform parents about any event that might impact our campus and students.


Thursday, a student shared with administration that another student threatened violence at our school in a conversation. We brought that student in, and after interviewing him, determined that there was no valid threat.  However, by Friday, other students began spreading the rumor, and our staff also heard that there was a possible threat.


We understand that as we approach the 20th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting (April 20), and the events thatoccurred in Colorado over the last few days and the resulting media coverage, rumors of a threat make people anxious.  We also know that the timing of such news often generates copycat threats.


We have communicated to our staff regarding this current situation, and we want our students and parents to also know the facts.  We do take these threats very seriously, and we believe we have handled this alleged threat in a prompt and professional way.  Consequently, the validity of this particular threat was unsubstantiated.  


Our number one priority is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff, and we will always act in the interest of caution.  If you have any information regarding this situation, contact me at (602) 764-3035.





Dr. Dani Portillo-Verduzco, Principal

Carl Hayden Community High School