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Carl Hayden Boys Soccer Update

Dear Carl Hayden Community,

We regret to report that the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) has determined that the Carl Hayden Boys Soccer team played much of the regular season with an ineligible player, and must forfeit most of its games and its impending state playoff appearance. Carl Hayden was to host a first-round game, this Saturday.

The school was in violation of the AIA Constitution’s Article 14.4.1 which states that “a student who is a member of a school team shall not practice or compete with any other group, club, organization, association, etc., in that sport during the interscholastic season of competition.”  

School administration appealed the ruling because the student-athlete did not join the school team until after his participation with an outside club ended. Even with an appeal on the interpretation of the rule we would have needed the Executive Board to convene. The appeal was made to the AIA Executive Board but due to the late notice of this violation (Thursday, 2/7/19 ) and the start of the state tournament (Saturday, 2/9/19), it was not possible to convene the Executive Board to rule on the appeal as a 48 hour notice is required for a special meeting.

Our players were informed today of this news. As you can imagine, they are devastated with this turn of events on the eve of the playoffs. We are very sorry to report this information and will do our best to console and support our student-athletes, and we encourage our staff to be sensitive to their emotions at this time.




Sara Matthews

Assistant Principal for Student Opportunities 

Carl Hayden Community High School