Project 15: Duotone

Posted by Ryan Adney on 10/23/2017 7:00:00 AM

A cyanotype is a duotone format. That means that there are just two colors that make up the photo; prussian blue and white. However, with the power of computers, you can make Duotones using any two colors you could possibly want. Here are some really fun examples:


You are going to make four duotone images. One of the images should be prussian blue and white, like a classic cyanotype. The remaining three, however can be more expressive and colorful. I will demo the duotone in-class on TUESDAY, but if you want to get ahead with this project, you can read these directions from Adobe to see how it's done. This, like all the other PROJECTS will be due NEXT THURSDAY!

Adobe DUOTONE instructions.