Browne Performing Arts Department Opened 20 Year Old Time Capsule

Posted by Community Relations Department on 9/26/2012

As part of the 40th Anniversary festivities, the school’s performing arts department decided to open a time capsule, September 13, sealed behind a dedication plaque in the auditorium lobby since 1992.  Larry Ray, the District carpenter who originally created the vault and sealed the capsule, was there to remove the framed plaque, and pry open the capsule.  Kathy Silk, the dance teacher, remembered when the capsule was placed in the wall, but couldn’t recall the contents of the capsule until they were revealed.  There were performing arts programs, yearbooks, t-shirts, photographs, homecoming ribbons, news magazines and other artifacts of the day.  The event was videotaped for Bruin TV, and the time capsule contents were displayed during a 40th Anniversary celebration the following day.