New Evaluation System Approved

Posted by Community Relations Department on 8/22/2012

The Governing Board approved a new teacher observation instrument to measure classroom performance at the August 9 Board Meeting. The observation is part of the legislatively-mandated (HB 2823) evaluation system that school districts must have in place this school year.  It was developed this past summer by a committee of District teachers and administrators.  A second part of the evaluation will include student performance, which is required next year.  Teacher classroom performance will account for 100 percent of a teacher evaluation this year.  Next year, 67 percent of the evaluation will be teacher performance, and student performance will be worth 33 percent.  Teachers will have two observations per year.  An observation will include a pre-conference, a complete lesson observation and a post-conference.  One annual evaluation for all teachers will take place using results from the two observations.  The observation instrument aligns to the InTASC (Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) teaching standards, covering five standards: The Learner and Learning; Content Knowledge; Assessment; Instructional Practices and Professional Responsibilities.  Teachers will be rated as highly effective, effective, developing and ineffective.  Teachers that are developing or ineffective will have specific professional development interventions to improve any deficiencies.