North Boasts 42 International Baccalaureate Candidates

Posted by Community Relations Department on 5/9/2012 12:00:00 PM

North High School has 42 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma candidates and 23 Certificate candidates in its senior class.  The IB Diploma is the most difficult to attain.  Candidates must take a battery of six subject area exams, complete an interdisciplinary course called Theory of Knowledge, prepare an extended essay reflecting independent research, and complete at least 250 hours of CAS hours (extracurricular activities that can be categorized as creativity, action, or service). 

According to research from 2011 IB Graduates from seven countries, having the IB Diploma or Certificate is a great advantage for post-secondary education.  The average acceptance rate of Diploma Programme students into college is 22 percentage points higher than the average acceptance rate of the total population.  The average SAT score of Diploma Programme candidates who responded is 1953.  The average for Certificate candidates is 1794. The national average SAT score is 1500.  97 percent of respondents felt very well or well prepared for future studies, and 65% of Diploma students plan to study abroad during university years, and 51% intend to pursue a career in another country.