Suns-Diamondbacks Teacher is PUHSD's Newest Master Teacher Mentor

Posted by Community Relations Department on 5/2/2012

Heidi Bonfante is Phoenix Union’s newest Master Teacher Mentor, successfully completing the portfolio process for the Arizona K-12 Center.  Bonfante is a professional development specialist for small schools Suns-Diamondbacks and Franklin Police and Fire High School.    Arizona's Master Teacher Program places experienced, accomplished teachers into leadership roles in schools as mentors or coaches for their peers. Master Teacher Mentors provide observation, support and professional development primarily to teachers in their first or second year of teaching in the profession.    Phoenix Union now has ten Master Teachers.  Bonfante is also one of the District’s National Board Certified Teachers, having earned her certification in English while teaching at St. Mary’s High School.   She has been a teacher for 24 years, but is in her first year with Phoenix Union.