South Mountain Journalism Students Interview Suns Players

Posted by Community Relations Department on 5/2/2012

South Mountain journalism students had a lesson in sports writing, April 2, visiting the Phoenix Suns at U.S Airways Arena.  They were supposed to cover a practice, but when the practice was cancelled, Suns’ Jared Dudley came out for an interview, and told the nervous reporters to “push through their shyness.” The students visited the media center, and then to a hallway outside the Suns’ lockeroom where one by one, the players and coaches came out, and the young reporters took photographs, recorded comments, and summoned up the courage to ask questions.  Channing Frye was a favorite, reminding everyone that he’s playing for his “hometown” team, since he attended St. Mary’s High School.

I was surprised at how cool and nice they were,”  sophomore Amie Scroggins said.  “I thought they’d avoid us and not want to get interviewed or photographed.  The trip actually made me a big fan of the Suns.”


Senior journalism student Milca Calymayor wrote a story headlined “Interview the Pros like Pros” on the memorable outing.