Students Participate in AP Mock Exam

Posted by Community Relations Department on 5/2/2012 12:00:00 PM

Over 350 students participated in the District’s 4th annual Advanced Placement (AP) Mock Exam, April 16 at ASU Downtown, preparing for the rigorous exams later in May.  

The students tested in AP Statistics and AP Calculus in the morning, and after lunch, The AP readers gave the students insight on how to write free response answers and reviewed each question’s rubric to ensure that the students are truly aware of the details needed to “Strive for a Five” on the exam.  Each reader gave the students an open forum to ask questions.  The Mock Exams were created by Math Content Specialist Mona Toncheff and the District math departments to improve AP test grades.

 “I was so impressed with our students and their abilities to ask important questions to support their own understanding of the exam,” Toncheff said.  “This is a great accomplishment to have so many students in our AP Mathematics program and kudos to all of our math teachers for encouraging increased enrollment in our upper level courses.” 

 In AP Calculus AB (first year) Cesar Bernal of Metro Tech was first, Brenda Gutierrez, Maryvale and Coniqa Hernandez, Metro Tech tied for second and Geoffrey Graff, Cesar Chavez, was third.   In AP Calculus BC, Nhi Van of Maryvale was first, Carlos Valentine, Metro Tech was second and there was a three-way tie for third between Yvette Perez, Metro Tech, Ashley Villalba Escober, Maryvale and Nehal Jolly, Bioscience.  In AP Statistics, North students took all places.  Sam Goldsmith placed first, Leslie Araujo and Bobby Camon   tied for second, and Brandon Hoang was third.

North High had the highest average on the multiple choice section of the AP Statistics exam, and Maryvale had the highest average for the combined Calculus exams, although Carl Hayden had the highest average for the AB exam.