Trevor Browne Student Named Dell Scholar

Posted by Community Relations Department on 4/18/2012 12:00:00 PM

Dawt Khun has been named a Dell Scholar.  The Dell Scholars Program aims to provide students with everything they need to begin and complete college. Dell Scholars receive $20,000 each to complete their higher education over the course of six years.  Khun plans to attend Grand Canyon University, where she will study nursing.  She is only one of four Arizona students of 300 nationwide to earn the Dell Scholarship, but based on her life story, those were good odds.


Khun is from Burma.  After her father died in an accident, she was forced into child labor by the government.  She arrived in the U.S. in 2008 as a refugee, without her family, and was placed in foster care.  She knew no English, only Chin, her native language.  In two years she was re-classified out of English Language Learner classes, and now has an unweighted 3.8 grade point average.  By the time she graduates in May, she will have taken five years of math in four years and is enrolled in the highest math class Trevor Browne offers-- Advanced Placement Calculus 1-2.  She is currently taking her fourth year of science when most students only take the required two years.  Two years ago, she was selected by the ACE Plus program to take community college classes while she is in high school and she will earn twenty or more college credits before attending Grand Canyon University.  To earn enough credits to graduate this year, Khun has been taking night school classes for the past two years.  


Now that she has aged out of the foster care system, she is faced with the burden of supporting herself.  She had to find a new place to live and is completely self-sufficient. 


“She has been successful in school only because of her own determination and eagerness to become educated. There is no other student I can compare Dawt with since her circumstances are unlike any other student I know,” her counselor Christina Salazar said.   “The obstacles she has faced and still face are enough to make anyone else give up, but she will never accept failure. Nor will she take her education for granted since she could not attend school for some time in Burma.”


Khun, who is ranked 15th out of over 500 seniors, is also receiving $10,000 a year from Grand Canyon, and is a   finalist for the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund.