North Students Participate in ASU's Spirit of Service Junior Scholar Program

Posted by Community Relations Department on 4/18/2012 12:00:00 PM

Antonio Rocque, Molly Stoneman, Nuri Lucas and Inyene Undoinwang are participating in ASU’s Spirit of Service Junior Scholar program, sponsored by the College of Public Affairs at the downtown campus.  The students work 10 hours a week on community service projects, teaming with an ASU Scholar-mentor.  The students receive a $1000 stipend for the year.  This year, the program included a competition among the five high School groups to make short presentations of their community-service projects, and North had the winning entry.   The goal of the project was for the high school scholars to help create a college-going culture among their high school peers.  The North team developed an interactive assembly in which sophomores and juniors played “The Game of Life: College Edition”, which was created by the junior scholars.  The students moved around the life-sized game board in the gym, taking a survey, learning how to apply to college and determining what level of post-graduate work, and gathering insight regarding ACT and SAT entrance exams, and college-life, especially the critical first year.  After completing the game, the students attended a college fair in the school’s quad area.