Maryvale Choir Students Return from International Travel

Posted by Community Relations Department on 4/3/2012

Maryvale’s choir and guitar students just returned from their international travels , touring Peru where they performed in two concerts, one in Lima for a Catholic School (Colegio de San Antonio) where they played for an audience of well over 600. They toured ruins in Trujillo, Chiclayo, Cajamarca, and Cusco (including Machu Pichu). Their final concert was in Cusco in Iglesia de Santo Domingo.  The massive church is built on ancient ruins , the acoustics  were stunning and they had a great audience, according to teacher James Yancey.

The Peru group met more Maryvale students in Washington, D.C where both the choir and guitar ensembles achieved gold medals.  This is a first for choir (they received a gold rating in both jazz category as well as madrigal).  They also received 6 trophies in total for their scores in instrumental as well as vocal.  They took tours of the capitol, White House, all the monuments, as well as several of the Smithsonian Museums.