Solar Charging Station Groundbreaking Held

Posted by Community Relations Department on 2/2/2012

Students had a groundbreaking, January 20, for the Solar Charging Station that they will build on the campus in the next two months.  The station will charge everything from cell phones and laptops to a diesel/electric hybrid the students are also building.  Fourteen students and teacher Cory Waxman are behind the project, which took almost three years of design work on the project from professional engineers and a donation from APS, just to get to construction.  They worked with Gannett/Fleming engineers, navigated city approval with permits and inspections, and received a $2500 grant from APS.  The solar charging unit will take five to eight weeks to build, and should be ready by April.  The Solar Charging unit will be 7 x 14 feet around, and 11 feet high, with 8 solar panels, each able to generate 100 kilowatts.  The unit can be expandable up to two more solar panels.  The system would be able to charge an electric car in 10-12 hours.  (even at night, with stored electricity) The students, with the help of contractors will build the unit, which will also double as a carport like shade structure.   The students involved in the groundbreaking are Doug Liu, Jaycob Proffitt, Kyle Oxley, Alec Kimball and Rahat Alam.

While he was a teacher at Central High, Waxman worked with students a few years ago to build a solar hydrogen car that actually converted sun into energy while the car was driving. 

 “This is the kind of thing you can’t learn from a textbook.  It is happening in the real world.” Waxman said.