Phoenix Union in the Midst of Redistricting Process

Posted by Community Relations Department on 2/2/2012

Phoenix Union High School District has begun the process of re-defining the boundaries of its five single-member governing board districts or wards with community meetings held   in each ward for citizen input.  Members of the public will have the opportunity to draw and submit their own maps using an online mapping program found at February 20.  The process will include another public meeting in March to narrow down options, and the Governing Board will meet by March 29 to consider alternative maps and adopt one final map for submittal to the Department of Justice. 

The school district is complying with a 1990 consent decree born out of a court case to review, and if necessary, re-draw the boundaries based on decennial census information in order to keep each ward as “nearly equal” in population, as possible, and in conformance with voting rights requirements.  Because of rapid population growth in some areas of the school district, and population loss in other areas, new ward boundaries have to be created.   

There are seven governing board members, five of whom represent specific geographic wards within the school district boundaries.  The reapportioned wards will not be in effect until the 2014 elections, when the five single-district governing board terms end.  The two at-large governing board seats will be determined in the 2012 election.