Thirty Metro Tech Students Have Been Working With, Company Called Gigapult a Work Tech Startup That Connects Students With “gigs” - Virtual Work

Posted by Communications on 4/4/2018

Thirty students have been working with a company called Gigapult.  It is a work tech startup that connects high school students with “gigs” - virtual work that is greater than a task but smaller than a project.  Organizations post gigs and students can then apply to do the gig and students are paid based upon gig size and complexity.  After the students complete the gigs they receive employer feedback.  As students complete more gigs they can 'level-up' and become available to apply for higher level gigs.  The site will also allow the student to develop a digital resume of their past work experiences and will include the ratings of the employers.

The Gigapult founders have worked with the students for the past 8 months in defining a “gig”, designing the user interface, and beta testing the platform.Charles Renning said,

"It's great to see the students engaged. The best part is they get to apply skills we are learning and working on in class, to real world work... and they get paid,” computer network technologies teacher Charles Renning said.  

Current participating companies offering gigs are: ProPay, InterimCMO, and Pearson.

Gigapult will present at the  prestigious ASU + GSV (Global Silicon Valley) Summit in San Diego, California, April 16-18.  This summit focuses on funding innovative technology in education and talent. This summer the gigapult team is looking to expand the group of students as they offer more gigs. To learn more you can visit or email the founders at: