Phoenix Union Students Participate in the Diversity Leadership Alliance’s Youth Leadership Academy

Posted by Communications on 3/28/2018

For the past 11 years, Phoenix Union students have participated in the Diversity Leadership Alliance’s Youth Leadership Academy.  The DLA is a nationally recognized diversity education organization,   working to transform the culture of Arizona and cultivate an inclusive community.  The Youth Academy is designed to assist students transitioning from school to work, provide them with resources to build leadership skills, participate in mentoring programs, and earn scholarships. 

This year, 13 students from seven Phoenix Union schools earned 16 scholarships, totaling $16,500.  Metro Tech’s Niyonkuru-Alexis  Pamphile participated in the personal leadership training, will recieve  $3,500 in scholarships, and was selected to give his speech at the DLA conference this Fall, after delivering it March 21 to DLA members.     He has been with the DLA Youth Leadership Academy for three years.  Born in Tanzania, he is Burundian, speaks four languages, and says in his speech that he is an”Asylum seeker, immigrant, African, refugee and first generation,” and his goal is to “aspire to inspire.”

Other Metro Tech scholarship recipients are Luis Pena, Michelle To, Yamilla Martinez, Rosa Ortega, Angel Gomez and Daniel Cruz.