Carl Hayden’s Falcon Robotics Won Two Regional Events in One Year

Posted by Communications on 3/28/2018

Carl Hayden’s Falcon Robotics has done a lot in their history, but they had never won two Regional events in one year…until last weekend.  The Falcons were winners of the Las Vegas Regional Saturday, after winning the Arizona North Regional two weeks earlier.  The Falcons placed third in qualifying, with a 10-2 record.  The number one seed picked Hayden for their three- team alliance in the playoffs, but the Falcons declined, because they didn’t think the top-seeded team’s robot abilities complimented theirs.   Instead, the second-seeded team was selected.  That gave the Falcons the opportunity to pick its two partner teams for their alliance, picking the High Rollers of Las Vegas’ Cimarron HS and the Sultans of Santee HS in California. 

The Falcons’ team breezed through the quarterfinals and semifinals, and easily won the first of a best-of-three match final.  Then came trouble.

“Our wrist motor had broken loose from the transmission. We noticed this during an inspection of all the robot systems during the five-minute break between our matches,” Coach Fredi Lajvardi said. “With three minutes to go, the team had to diagnose and solve the problem, which was to remove and replace the right motor with transmission. With only seconds to spare they made it.” 

The Falcons’ alliance won the second match to win the regional title. Falcons also won the Industrial Design Award for best design.  Their next competition is the World Championships in Houston, April 18-21, where they have high hopes of keeping their winning streak alive.