Alhambra HS Has Amazing Display of School Athletic History

Posted by Communications on 3/28/2018

There is no better display of school athletics history than at Alhambra High School.  The school has displayed its sports history in the north gym for many years, and now, thanks to Charles Rivera’s Sports Entertainment and Marketing classes, students have created a video of the display, with interviews with many of the former athletes and coaches.  Six student projects were submitted, and the video created by Jesus Galindo, Christopher Ruiz and Rigoberto Ramirez Correa was selected, and is now posted on the Alhambra website under “Athletics.” 

Former teacher and coach Ron Scott was instrumental in the project.  He worked at Phoenix Union for 32 years, and was the Alhambra baseball coach for 19 years.  He remembers many of the great moments, student-athletes and coaches of Alhambra. 

“A big thanks to Mr. Rivera.  The kids were great to work with and were responsible for creating the music, transitions and graphics.  Also, thank you to Alhambra alum Boyd Epley for giving us the idea to put the display on the web for all to see,” Scott said.

Epley, a Phoenix Union Sports Hall of Fame member, was a multi-sport athlete at Alhambra, and was the first-ever strength and conditioning coach in collegiate athletics, when Nebraska brought him on in 1969.