The Sixth Annual Physics Phun Day Attracted 10 Phoenix Union Schools and Over 600 Students

Posted by Communications on 3/7/2018

The Sixth Annual Physics Phun Day attracted 10 Phoenix Union schools and over 600 students, March 2, the biggest ever.  Metro Tech distanced itself from the pack in the overall competition by winning six of the 14 events.  North was second and Central was third. 

“This event provides an amazing way to celebrate the process of science, mixed in with some phun and good-natured competition, all while creating lasting memories and authentic cognitive connections for the students.  One of the best aspects of this endeavor is how over the years our Physics PLC has worked together to keep refining and adding competitions that allow students to deploy the physics models they’ve developed during the year,”  Metro Tech Physics teacher Andrew Chapman said.

 This year, two new events were added: the Robot Relay and the Self-Driving Spheres Coding Competitions.  Both required the competitors to work together to create a course from scratch at the park that each team then navigated their robots through.    Metro Tech and Bioscience won those two inaugural events.