Citizenship Counts is a Curriculum Used by Schools Across 36 States to Include Phoenix Union

Posted by Communications on 1/17/2018

Citizenship Counts is a curriculum used by schools across 36 states, including Phoenix Union, which adopted the program after Arizona passed a law three years ago requiring all high school students to pass a civics test, answering the same questions that immigrants seeking U.S. citizenship must answer correctly.  The nonprofit celebrated its 10th anniversary, “Citizen of the World” Benefit, January 18 in Phoenix with its founder, and Holocaust survivor and author Gerda Weissmann Klein as the special guest.

The South Mountain jazz combo played during a reception and the South Mountain choir  performed, as well.  Social studies content specialist Katie Hansen spoke to the benefits of the curriculum, Metro Tech Professional Development Specialist Monique Mogro and former administrator Syd Golston were among the Phoenix Union attendees.  Golston and other Phoenix Union social studies helped create the curriculum.

Citizenship Counts is an effective way to take lessons beyond rote memorization.  Phoenix Union schools have a Civics Week each fall as a prelude to the civics exam, and for the past three years, different schools have hosted naturalization ceremonies.

“The lessons really hone in on the responsibilities and the values that come with being a citizen.  The activities are super engaging.  They ask you to put yourself in the shoes of a variety of different immigrants who have come here,” Hansen said.