Metro Tech High School Gets Return Visitor

Posted by Communications on 12/21/2017

Mark Moore became a part of Metro Tech High School in 2011.  During a visit to Metro Tech, he shared the wonderful story of his mother, Annalee Moore, who worked as the bookstore manager when Metro Tech was West High School.  He told us of a woman who was hardworking, kind, and generous.  She never missed an opportunity to help and care for West High’s most vulnerable students in need.   In honor of his mother, Moore started the Annalee Memorial Fund.  This memorial fund honors Annalee and her legacy of kindness and generosity.

Through the Annalee Memorial Fund and at the direction of the principal, the Fund has provided cosmetology kits; paid for books lost in a house fire; relieved the burden of unpaid debts for seniors whose family was experiencing financial hardship; fees for ACT testing and joy to students who without the Fund, would not have been able to attend prom.  Six years later, the Annalee Memorial Fund now known as West Supports Metro Tech is providing food gift cards for families who struggle to provide their children with a holiday meal. The Moore’s exemplify the Spirit of Christmas all year through their continued generosity and support of Metro’s students.