Alhambra Medical Magnet Has Had a Monthly Series of Healthcare Professionals Speak to Future Medical Professionals

Posted by Communications on 11/23/2017

Alhambra Medical Magnet has had a monthly series of healthcare professionals  speak to   future medical professionals. Guest speakers included an oncology nurse, EMT, occupational, therapist, physical therapist, anesthesiologist, neurologist, physician’s assistant, and certified strength coach. All the professionals provided information and spoke about their educational pathway and gave the students advice for finding their way in the healthcare field. They offered hope, knowledge, and possible future networking opportunities to allow the students to observe in the professional setting.     

Alhambra Medical Magnet attended the Grand Canyon University Health Sciences, Engineering, and Technology Day, November 15. It was an educational and fun-filled event that allowed students to participate in hands-on activities, lectures, and networking with fellow peers.