Four Central Culinary Students Participated in Food Fanatics Live 2017

Posted by Communications on 11/16/2017

Four culinary students participated in Food Fanatics Live 2017, November 8.     This is an event put on by U.S. Foods.  C-CAP (Careers in Culinary Arts Program) Arizona picked Central to represent Arizona and this new partnership with U.S. Foods.  Two students, Liliana Flores Hernandez and Derek Tolano, went onstage with chefs to participate in a live demonstration for the crowd.  The other two students, Michaelangelo Vasquez and Alexis Lopez worked in the Interactive Kitchen with five other professional chefs making and preparing samples of the dish that were  demonstrated on stage.    

“This opportunity for Central was remarkable.  The students got firsthand experience of what it is like to cater an event of this magnitude and to work with a plethora of professional chefs.  Liliana  (Hernandez) and Derek (Tolano) were even presented with a job opportunity at the end of this event.,” Culinary teacher Erin Sullivan said.