Cesar Chavez Football Program Receives 20 New Silver Football Helmets

Posted by Communications on 11/9/2017

Cesar Chavez may have ended their 2017 season, one game into the playoffs, but they received a boost for 2018 when the Arizona Cardinals and Barrows Neurological Center donated 20 new silver football helmets to the program at a November 8 assembly.  Dr. Javier Cardenas, a neurologist who has done much work with PUHSD high schools, ASU and the NFL, discussed concussions in sports, sideline protocols that have been put in place, signs to recognize concussion symptoms, and baseline testing, and return-to-play protocol.  Former Cardinals wide receiver Frank Sanders joined in the conversation, recalling his early days when a concussion was treated with smelling salts.  Dr. Cardenas then had the curtain pulled, and Cardinal Cheerleaders and mascot Big Red presented the brand new helmets, Riddell Revolution Speed helmets, the best helmets available.