Alhambra High School Girls Soccer Alumni Celebrate With Current Team

Posted by Joseph Haley on 11/9/2017

Twenty years ago, some Phoenix Union employees and some athletes wondered why there was no interscholastic soccer for girls, while the boys had been playing high school soccer since the 80’s.  The AIA had girls soccer at other schools, but it took some convincing, and citing of Title IX to provide soccer equity at Phoenix Union.  In 1996, the District decided to drop archery, a girls sport, opening the door for soccer.  One of the coaches who pushed for the sport was Mark Itter at Alhambra.  The CTE teacher no longer coaches, but he is inviting the Alhambra Girls Soccer alumni from the past 20 years to come out and celebrate with the current team, Friday, November 17.  He has heard from about 20 girls, from age 20 to 32.  They will meet the current team, and participate in a skills clinic, and no doubt reminisce about the not-so-old days. 

Phoenix Union fielded eight junior varsity teams in 1997, and played each other in a short season until the AIA certified the programs.  Itter remembers athletic director Harold Scott wondering if the girls would play.  That first week, 100 girls came out for tryouts, and only 20 made the team.