North High School Hosts the 1st Annual Art Extravaganza

Posted by Communications on 11/9/2017

North High School hosted the 1st Annual Art Extravaganza, October 28.    Over 40 visual art students from four high schools (Carl Hayden, Central, Maryvale and North) were able to experience different media uses and techniques from real artists. Professional guest artists Pat O'Brien and Laura Cohen-Hogen worked with students who are interested in furthering their development of visual art skills either for AP/IB purposes or for their own enjoyment.  The students were encouraged to get to know students from other schools throughout the day.


The students divided into two groups- drawing and painting, to work with the individual artists on a project.  O'Brien worked with the students using a technique of drawing figures with tissue paper to create a different surface quality in their work.  Cohen-Hogen worked with the students using oil paint.  All of the students left with a piece of original artwork in hand!


"It was quite lovely! I would give it 10 out of 10 and attend again!" said one student.