Phoenix Union High School District Employees Strive to Instill Six Core Values

Posted by Communications on 9/14/2017

Phoenix Union High School District employees strive to instill six core values-compassionate, collaborative, committed, courageous, creative and conscious. At Metro Tech, the administration is celebrating examples of those with “traveling trophies,” to its employees. For teachers, English teacher Cassandra Villegas earned Committed;  English teacher Erika Harvey, Collaborative; and PR/Health teacher Nick Malko, Compassionate.  Maintenance/Campus Operations worker Gilbert Enriquez earned the Committed Trophy. 

The school also selected the Professional Learning Community of the Month to the Exceptional Student Services Vocational program, and members James Irvine-Business Prep; John Snyder-Horticulture; LaCholla Caraway-General Tech and Dennis Bullino-Commercial Building Maintencance.