PUHSD Participatory Budgeting

Posted by Community Relations on 8/30/2017

Participatory Budgeting is back this year, and expanded to 10 schools in Phoenix Union.  Large schools receive $7,000 and small schools, $4,000 and students determine how that money is to be spent.  The process begins with idea collection, proposal development, a campaign and school election, and finally, implementation.

Central hosted the PUHSD Participatory Budgeting Kickoff, August 26.   Seventy Students, teachers and principals from six other schools: Bioscience, Coding Academy, Carl Hayden, Linda Abril, Metro Tech and Trevor Brown gathered in the library to simulate the year-long process and plan implementation at their own campus.  Superintendent Dr. Chad Gestson and board member Stanford Prescott addressed the teams.

The Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) is a democratic process that gives students the power to decide how to spend school district funds to improve their schools. Through PBP, students brainstorm ideas for projects, develop these ideas into projects, and vote on which projects will be funded.

Last year, voter turnout at the schools was 84%, better than a general election.