Carl Hayden: Four Cadets from Carl Hayden JROTC Program completed the 21-mile Hike across the Grand Canyon

Posted by Communications on 5/17/2017

Four cadets from the Carl Hayden JROTC program, their instructor, and their school resource officer set out and completed the 21-mile south to north rim hike across the Grand Canyon, May 13.   Luis Cruzes; Gabriella Mada; Osvaldo Alvarez and Omar Reyes joined JROTC instructor Sergeant 1st Class Mark Ellison and SRO Juan Poland.   For the cadets, the hike culminated six months of conditioning, physical training, mental preparation, and classes on fitness and nutrition. 

“The hike, while taxing on their muscles and feet, was a personally rewarding experience for the cadets and a once in a lifetime event they will never forget,” Ellison said.