Trevor Browne: Student Scholarships

Posted by Communications on 5/10/2017

Trevor Browne has a tradition of securing prestigious scholarships for its students, and 2017 is no different.  Giovanni Rogel was offered scholarships from Amherst, Swarthmore, Harvey Mudd, Bowdoin, Williams and Pomona, all near a quarter million dollars each, before deciding on Stanford, worth $239,000.  Kevin Lopez Guevara accepted an offer from Pomona worth $236,000; after being offered $1 million in scholarships from six other schools.  Chnthia Serran Najera is headed to Wellesley at $248,000, but had xix other offers totaling over $1 million.  Edgardo Felix will attend Carlton in Minnesota with a $208,000 package.  Fernando Carbajal Perez is going to Colgate, ($282,600).  Erica Ramirez received the Dorrance Scholarship and more from the University of Arizona, for over $100,000.  Other top seniors include Jesse Terrazas, $32,000 from ASU; Zinnia Figueroa, $66,000 from Grand Canyon University and Diane Lopez Teran, $25,000 for Dream US Scholarships at Phoenix College and ASU.