Central: Culinary took Seven Students to do Two Live Salsa Demonstrations at Schools in the Creighton School District

Posted by Communications on 5/10/2017

Central culinary took seven students to do two live salsa demonstrations at schools in the Creighton School District, May 5.  The “Be Kind People Project” helped these schools plant their own salsa gardens.  For a fiesta on Cinco de Mayo, Central Culinary students turned the produce into delicious salsa for 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th graders.


“This experience was super beneficial to all parties.  The culinary students took on the roles of mentor and were able to share their expertise that they have learned during their two years in culinary.  And the elementary students got to see a thriving program that they can look forward to taking in high school,” Culinary teacher Erin Sullivan said.


The students who attended were Anthony Leon, Keana Nells, Emilio Markov, Cecilia Avelar, Anahi Lara, Dariem Pio Salazar and Maria Solano-Ferrer.