Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board Budget Override

Posted by Communications on 5/10/2017

The Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board has called for a 15 percent Maintenance and Operations Budget Override and Bond election for November 7, 2017.  The action was taken at the May 4 Governing Board meeting. 

The election will be a mailed ballot-only election with ballots mailed to qualified electors residing within the District.

The override asks voters for authorization to continue the current 15 percent override for fiscal year 2018-2019 and six subsequent years.  This would be a continuation of the existing override approved by voters in 2013.  There would be no additional taxes if the override is approved.  The override amount for the first year of the proposed continuation would be $24,300,000, approximately equal to the current secondary tax rate for the existing budget override.   The override provides for over 400 teachers and support staff that directly impacts students and student achievement.

The bond would be for $269 million to fund capital improvements over and above those funded by the state.  The District annual capital budget has been cut from $21 million to just under $2 million since the Recession.  The bulk of the bond would fund maintenance, and renovation of school buildings and technology.  This would include instructional technology, such as distance learning expansion, transforming media centers and upgrading student labs, maintaining one-to-one computer-to-student initiatives, and infrastructure to include software, network and wireless upgrades.  The bond would also cover purchasing buses, acquiring school lots, improving school grounds, supplying school buildings with furniture and equipment, and providing all utilities and other capital items necessary for the construction and renovation of school building and grounds.  

The estimated average annual tax rate for the proposed bond authorization is $.38 per $100 of net assessed valuation used for secondary property tax purposes, which is approximately $38 a year for a home with an assessed value of $100,000.