South Mountain: Will Play a Role in The 12th Annual Kids at Hope Masters Institute

Posted by Communications on 5/3/2017

South Mountain will play a role in the 12th Annual Kids at Hope Masters Institute taking place May 1-5 in Phoenix.  Besides the administrative team and some teachers attending the institute, South will play host to over 150 attendees from around the state and nation for a site visit.  The visitors will visit Angelee Bilbao’s English class, the south gym and the Jag Café (cafeteria) for a closure panel, and entertainment by the school’s step team.  

Kids At Hope is a Phoenix-based organization that provides professional development to individuals and organizations in 18 states and Canada in the fields of youth development, education, law enforcement, juvenile justice, child welfare and health.  The Annual Youth Development Master’s Institute co-sponsored by Arizona State University’s School of Social and Family Dynamics.