Betty Fairfax: Vocal Ensemble Traveled to Anaheima to Participate in the World Strides Heritage Festivals Competition.

Posted by Communications on 5/3/2017

The Betty Fairfax Vocal Ensemble traveled to Anaheim to participate in the WorldStrides Heritage Festivals competition. There were 30 different choirs there from around the country, and Fairfax’s performances in both madrigals and jazz received Silver 2nd Place awards. In addition, Ivan Alcazar received the "Legacy Lives On" award.  This award is presented to a student who has shown strength of character and a passion for the arts as they pursue excellence no matter what challenges they may have faced. Two students received "Maestro" awards for excellent performances: Andrez Alcazar and Christopher Joseph   for their respective solos. Only six of these awards were given in the entire festival of approximately 700 students.